Nov. 13th, 2008

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So I've put a lot of time into Fallout 3 now, I'm probably about half way content complete on the story, so I feel it's time to put forward my full opinion of the game.
Firstly, I hear a lot of reviewers and gamers argue about whether the game is Fallout or isn't Fallout or whatnot.  In my opinion, it's mostly Fallout. There's no way to shake the Oblivion feel off of the game, there's just too much it owes engine wise to its predecessor.  However, the game has a lot more going for it than Oblivion does, at least in my opinion. While they didn't get the Fallout universe 100% correct, they got it close enough for me.  I'd say that this game is closer in the overall Fallout feel than say, Fallout Tactics, which was actually an official Fallout game back when Interplay still was listed on the stock exchange.  
Now, there is the question of whether or not this game is good.  Yeah, it's good, very good.  It's fun, it has good story, good graphics and a huge amount of content.  That said, I have a lot of complaints about Fallout 3, though very few of them would ever have been leveled at it had I not been comparing it to its illustrious predecessors.  I've found judging this game on its own merits a hard thing to do.  Sure, as a stand alone game this is one heck of a piece of software, but this isn't just some random release, this is Fallout, this thing as a freaking pedegree.  So, yeah, on its own, this is a great game.  As a sequel to Fallout, it's taken steps back in almost every area.  A lot of the rabid original Fallout fans wonder at how all these great reviews can come out proclaiming  Fallout 3 a 9 out of 10 and then go on to list their gripes and frustrations with the game, especially in comparison to the originals, but I can see and perfectly understand how that would occur.  This game is like the Godfather 3, sure it's weak compared to its predecessors, but it's still better than most movies that come out, still got an oscar nom, and is a solid movie as long as you can ignore Sofia Coppola's acting.  So, to conclude things, I'm just going to list my unreasonable gripes....

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So, there you have it, those are my gripes, or at least my major ones.  I still reccomend this game, and I actually look forward to seeing what Bethesda will do with a Fallout 4, this time hopefully with its own engines and with a few lessons learned.  With the colossal sales of F3 busting the $300 million mark in one week, I think a sequel is guaranteed.  Hopefully the series has no where to go but forward.

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Sometimes it sucks being both a (well researched) Civil War reenactor and a history nut.  Movies like the Good the Bad and the Ugly get hard for me to watch when I see confederate soldiers in grey blanket wool with clean branch of service piping and union soldiers wearing 1870's wool undershirts.  It gets even worse when I see Clint Eastwood (and everyone else) using the pistol I use in reenacting, an 1861 Navy Colt but loading them with brass cartridges.  The brass cartridge conversion for the Colt wasn't available until 1868, the movie is set in 1862.  Still, this is the only movie that contains Sibley's New Mexico campaign, even though it's a total fantasy version of it. 

Oh Crap, Clint is about to use a Henry repeater.  I guess that's not TOO awful, they were available in 1862 for private purchase, but there were only 900 of them and they were all in the north.  

Does any of this make The Good the Bad and the Ugly a bad film?  Nope.  Will these things bother anyone else?  Nope.  Do they bother me?  Yep. 

Oh well, what do you expect from an Italian director making an American western.  Still one of the best movies ever.


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