Oct. 27th, 2008

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Tomorrow is a holiday, Fallout 3 day. 

I've been waiting for Fallout 3 for years now, and I've followed the rumored creations of the game for years.  Tomorrow, it finally happens.  

All that said, I still have mixed feelings.  The game isn't quite the Fallout I was hoping for.  The more first person action I see and the more I hear about the developers playing up the presence of the "bloody mess" perk in the game above all else, the more I feel slightly disheartened.  Still, this is better than nothing.  I'm more than willing to give Fallout 3 a try on its own terms.  

What shocks me is how the Fallout community in general is NOT willing to give it a chance.  Going over to Fallout fan central, the website, No Mutants Allowed, is a pretty stunning experience.  Sure, they follow Fallout 3's development, but the closer to release date it comes, the more vehemently hateful and opposed to the mere existence of the game they become.  The flood of good reviews has really stirred them up into a frenzy.  Every time a 9/10 or 90% or A+ review comes up on a website or magazine, there are 100 posts in their forum talking about how Bethesda has been paying out hush money and threatening refusal of exclusives and advertising if anyone posts a negative review of the game, all of this of course without evidence.  Today the site administrators even were taking open speculation on how miserably bad the reviews were going to be once independent review sites got a hold of the game, giving no chance at all that it might be even remotely decent or reedemable. 

I consider myself a Fallout fanatic, I enjoyed those games about as much if not more than any game I ever played.  I still consider them the finest computer RPG's ever made.  However, even in that state of mind, I'm totally ok with giving Bethesda's admittedly Oblivion like Fallout a chance.  Is that wrong of me?  Am I, like the other Fallout fanatics insist, a mindless sheep of a corprate PR machine that is catering what was once a brilliant immersive and mature experience to "l337 kidz" who only want mindless action and violence?  Am I simply so blinded by my desire to see a third Fallout game that I don't understand how criticaly bad Bethesda has destroyed my beloved franchise?  Am I wrong to want to play the game before I judge it?  (To be fair to NMA, some of them have played the pirated XBox version and claim it's "not even worth the rental") I mean, call me crazy but I actually liked Oblivion.  I thought the game was fun and a decent RPG.  Sure, it had flaws, but it was a fantasy game and I actually played it.  That's not something you see me do often.  

I'm not going to feel bad about being excited for Fallout 3.  I've been waiting too long and too desperately to just dismiss it without a chance.  Would I have prefered to see Black Isle complete THEIR version of Fallout 3 and had that to play?  Yeah, I would have.  But, you know what, that's never going to happen, that game is gone and we're never going to see it.  We will get to see something else, and maybe something very different tomorrow.  I for one can't wait to give it a chance.  If I don't like it, well, yeah, it'll be rough.


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