May. 18th, 2008

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So to amuse ourselves, Deborah and I watched the Sci-Fi special, Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls.  I honestly don't know what to say about that. 
Deb suggested that I tell everyone that we watched an episode of the Prisoner earlier and it made more sense.  I don't think that really encompasses all of it. 

The best thing to say is that we started joking that the Crystal Skulls were clearly Cylons since there were 13, representing the 13 planets inhabited by humans.  As if on cue, the show then cut to showing scenes of Battlestar Galactica, suggesting that the show's storyline might be true.  Yeah....

Apparently, the Skulls were made by ancient Mayans as an attempt to save the earth from the shifting of the poles in 2012.  Somewhere involved in this were Aliens, Atlantis, Edgar Cayce, the face on mars, the moon landing hoax, alien cities on the moon,  psychic projection, power points in Sydona Arizona, Indian legends, voodoo, robots on the moon, spiders,  the Nazca Lines and Cylons.

What is most apparent is that the skulls were most assuredly NOT manufactured in Germany in the 1890's and then sold to the various "discoverers" over the next 30 years.  Any actual documented proof of that is most assuredly not as viable an explanation  as the above. In fact, these explanations are so laughable that the documentary hardly mentions them. 


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